Sunday, March 12, 2017

Why Work Isn't Working Anymore

First, allow me to apologize for my absence from this blog.  My travel, work, and speaking schedule had been impossible.  Indeed, I was not at home a single day in February.  I cannot promise to do better going forward, but only to try.  - Jim

"The chances are you aren’t happy at work. That’s not a just lucky guess, according to a very large, long running employee survey by Gallup (25m employees surveyed in over 195 countries since the late 90’s) most people aren’t.  The global average for enthusiastic, happy workers is only 13%. The global average for people who actively hate their jobs is 23%. Ouch. Behind the global averages there are some wide variations – 30% of US workers are happy (only 17% in the UK) – however, wherever you work, upwards of 60% of your co-workers you are just going through the motions and, the statistics suggest about half of them are looking for a new job."


In 2004, Fritz Aldrine and I wrote the book, "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore."  Without being immodest, it proved to be ahead of its time.

Since then, some excellent articles have been written on the topic of the growing unhappiness and dissatisfaction with work, including this one which I commend to your review and comment:

Very best for 2017.