Thursday, April 06, 2017

Tips For Nurturing Healthy Office Relationships

Tips For Nurturing Healthy Office Relationships
If we look closely at the recommendations from this study and adapt them to the workplace, there are three key things each of us can do to foster good working relationships.
1) Be present. Fully engaging yourself in conversations with coworkers will enable you to listen more carefully. Put away your phone, shut down your laptop and just focus on what they are saying. Offering your full attention is a sign of respect and is a good way to earn their trust.
2) Become a better communicator. Understanding different personalities (with the help of quizzes) and how to interact with them is vital to building strong office relationships. Especially, in times of stress (i.e. tight deadlines), or conflict (i.e.differences of opinion on how to execute a task.) The more you are able to understand and adapt to varying office personalities, the better.
3) Invest in getting to know what coworkers care about. Each coworker is a partner. To have a win-win partnership, it helps to know what drives your coworker. Learning more about their hobbies, passions, and interests will enable you to find ways to connect beyond the work you do together. Ultimately, deepening the relationshipand increasing the satisfaction you derive from helping each other on the job.


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