Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fired Before Hired: How Corporations (And Government) Rigged The Job Market And Killed The American Dream

The new unemployment numbers were just released and, to no one's surprise, they were just fantastic -- lower number of unemployed applying for benefits since 2000.  Of course, as I have pointed out many, many times in this blog, the numbers are cut from from whole cloth, the formulas adjusted to get a predetermined result.

The phony number aside, "the latest scam is to blame workers for the high unemployment rate. They say there is a skills gap. Even President Obama is in on the joke. In his most recent State of the Union address, Obama called for Congress to make community college free. Because nothing will get you a job more than an associate's degree from your local college.
"The real skills gap is the other way around: too many skills for the low-wage menial jobs that pervade the labor market. The person who makes your coffee or your Big Mac might be able to design the next major bridge or write for The New York Times. Instead of high school kids cooking up your lunch, true professionals are behind the counter, and the future of the country is behind it too. The longer they stay there, the odds increase that America will take a permanent backseat in global power. In one short century, we have gone from superpower to super size me, a plutocracy, a nation that wasted its most valuable resource: the energy and innovation of its own people.
"As you send your resume for the latest job ad, do you ever feel like the labor market is rigged against you? The job boards have turned into such black holes that we need Stephen Hawking to come work out the equations for us. You send your resume in, and it disappears."
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