Monday, June 21, 2010

Becker, Business and an Overreaching Government . . .

I will be speaking in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, a week from today (June 28) to the Exhibition Services and Contractors Association.

The two topics:

“What Becker Means To Your Business – Changes In the National Labor Relations Board That Will Affect Labor Relations”

Craig Becker was appointed to the National Labor Relations Board by “recess appointment” after President Obama was certain he would never be approved by the Senate. A union lawyer and staunch labor advocate, he joins two other pro-labor advocates on the NLRB. Becker has six months before his recess appointment expires. What should you expect? What issues with the NLRB decide? How will it affect the way you do business?

“Don’t Comply?” Go to Jail. The Obama Administration’s Approach to Compliance

From labor law to tax compliance, securities regulation to pension reporting, OSHA to ObamaCare, wage and hour to civil rights, enforcement has taken on a new, harsher, more punitive flavor with more prosecutions, civil and criminal. What once were issues to be worked out and negotiated, the new paradigm is to fully prosecute seeking maximum penalties. How do you handle a government that views employers as crimes in progress? How do you protect your business?

Have a great summer!