Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Numbers and Preposterous Lies From the Federal Government - But I Repeat Myself . . .

In a brief but interesting article entitled, "US Department Of Truth Goes Full Retard After ISM Employment Index Prints At Highest Since 1973," Zero Hedge observes that the federal government actually wants those of us who follow the employment numbers to believe that everything is great. Indeed their Employment Index just printed at 64.5, the highest since 1973, ignoring the fact that real unemployment rate is somewhere above 17% when you ignore fantasies such as when someone's unemployment insurance runs out that they are no longer looking for a job. Really? What are they doing then? According to the federal government, nothing, because they don't exist anymore.

Reality is there is no reality upon which we can judge the employment picture, or the economy for that matter. Just as the employment numbers are insults to intelligence, the financial numbers are cut from whole cloth as are the "balancing the budget" numbers, projections of future growth (which have proven to be a bad, bad joke), and, of course, the inflation statistics which tell us that in spite of $3.50 gas and groceries that are up 30% or more, there is no inflation -- none.

So, neither I nor anyone else should really comment on "the numbers," because there are no numbers, none that are real anyway. So, I'll stop here. Right here.

The article mentioned above can be found at: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/us-department-truth-goes-full-retard-after-ism-employment-index-prints-highest-1973


Blogger Richard A.F. said...

I'm reminded of comedian Lewis Black who ranted on about how neither side/party in the government issued any believable 'fact-facts' as he called them. He further stated that the only believable government facts were the public school csfeteria menu for tuesday, where it said they would be serving 'meatloaf and peas'. That when you visited on tuesday, God dammit they were serving meatloaf and peas . . .

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Brady Sparks said...

I won't comment on this numerology analysis, because it makes too much sense.

7:22 AM  

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