Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corporate America: Mistake #4,679: Hiring Young Over Old

Those of you who read "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore," recall that Fritz and I spent a lot of time delving into and analyzing studies of happiness and well-being since it has long been known that the happiest people are also the most productive.

Now, new studies indicate that the happiest people are those beyond age 50 and they are, indeed, often the most productive, less like to stir the hornet's nest of the workplace, have fewer conflicts and come up with better solutions to conflict. They are better at controlling their emotions, better at accepting misfortune and less prone to anger. Regrettably, for no rational reasons they are often passed over for the 30- or 40-somethings who are often still struggling with the present moment, which seems never good enough.

Summaries of these studies were published in this month's Economist magazine and can be found here. I commend it to your review:|hig|16-12-2010|editors_highlights

A very happy holiday to all!



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