Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Employees Stressed; Employers About To Be . . .

In news that will surprise no one, most employees in America are strung tighter than banjo strings. A survey by ComPsych finds that:

* 68 percent of employees say they are highly stressed, extremely fatigued and feel out of control.
* 27 percent have constant but manageable stress.
* 5 percent have low stress levels.

Who cares? Employers should. 44 percent of workers say their stress costs them at least an hour of productivity a day.

And, on the union front, the Obama Administration is wasting no time giving consolation prizes to organized labor after they could not force through the Employee Free Choice Act.

The latest appears tomorrow in the Federal Register with the National Labor Relations Board proposing that all employers post a notice in their workplaces notifying employees of their rights to join unions. After 60 days, the NLRB is likely to make this the rule. Be thinking about how you'll answer this question that will be asked many employees after seeing the notice:

"Why shouldn't we have a union here?"

Stressful, hey?

Have a happy holiday, and don't forget to take your blood pressure medication . . .


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