Friday, November 05, 2010

Unions Are Back . . . Winning With A Vengeance

Union organizing is up, not particularly surprising.

But this might be . . . unions are wining 7 of every 10 elections. Indeed, in the first half of 2010 unions won 69.2% of 812 private sector elections. And note the recent election won't matter -- unions have friends in high places, the most important one of which is the National Labor Relations Board and they are appointed and they will be there a while.

The Bureau of National Affairs breaks down the numbers as follows:

Most Active Unions: The Teamsters led all unions, participating in 217 elections and winning 59.9% of the time. The SEIU organized the most workers (5,833) and won almost 70% of its elections.

Service Sector Focus: Over 40% of all representation elections during the first half of 2010 occurred in the service sector, including healthcare, with unions winning 72% of those elections.

More Manufacturing Victories: For only the third time since 1990, unions won more than 50% of the elections in which they participated in the manufacturing sector.

Unions Target Smaller Bargaining Units: Unions continue to target smaller bargaining units. Approximately 67% of all elections occurred in bargaining units with less than 50 workers.

Bottom line: The only way to win this game as an employer is not to play it. That means the training of supervision, not only in how to engage in early detection of union activity, but by enhancing their abilities to satisfy their employees and to be able to spot and deal with dissension and dissatisfaction affirmatively and pro-activity.

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