Friday, February 05, 2010

Becker Passes Muster With Committee; Now Waiting on Republicans and Possible Filibuster

A Senate committee approved Harold Craig Becker for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board on Thursday, February 4, the 13-10 party-line vote.

The question now: Will the Republicans block his controversial nomination with a filibuster next week?

The Republicans’ ability to halt Becker now that Sen. Scott Brown has been sworn in, changes the political landscape.

Becker is seen by many in the business community as an academic radical -- one who has said he believes employers have no role in whether their employees bring in a union. He has also indicated in the past that the Labor Board could effectively mandate card check without any action by Congress.

In the hearings on his nomination, he backtracked on this but business is not convinced.

The issue is whether the Republicans view Becker as being a big enough issue to use the filibuster to kill it. We should know next week.


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