Thursday, January 28, 2010

7 Years After "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore," Corporate America Is Finally "Getting It"

Seven years after the publication of our book, "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore -- Tools To Transform the Workplace As If People Mattered," which advocated, among other dynamics, the concept of employee happiness, particularly vis a vis relationships among employees and their supervisors, corporate America may finally be "getting it."

In today's Wall Street Journal, the article "Thinking Happy Thoughts At Work," some happiness "gurus" advocate many of the behaviors which Fritz Aldrine and I laid out almost a decade ago. See:

If you haven't read the book, it is available at

And, if what you read, either in the Journal article, or the book, rings true, the "Credible Connections" seminar and workshop is also available. Thousands of managers across the globe have achieved a higher degree of satisfaction, along with their employees, by understanding and adopting the real, but often hidden, relationship dynamics in the workplace.


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