Monday, January 18, 2010

Picketer Admits Being Paid $50 to Hold Placard for Coakley

It really doesn't get any richer (or more pathetic) than this.

In Massachusetts' Special Senate Election, where Republican Scott Brown has mounted a serious challenge to the assumed shoe-in Democrat Martha Coakley, certain union picketers admit they were paid $50 to hold placards for Coakley.

Then one admitted he is voting for Brown.

50 bucks to picket; the desperation is priceless.


As mentioned in an earlier blog, this will be a most important election.

Coakley will vote "party-line" on every issue, including health care and the Employee Free Choice Act. Indeed, to show her undying loyalty to organized labor, she now supports the Express Carrier Employee Protection Act, another psychotically-named bill that would do nothing more than tee up Federal Express to union organization by removing it from coverage of the Railway Labor Act and put it under the National Labor Relations Act, thereby completely ignoring the fact that the courts have held consistently that FedEX belongs under the former, not the latter, because it is an airline.

What happens tomorrow in Massachusetts will affect the labor and health policy of our nation for many years to come.


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