Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Becker Goes Down In Flames -- But Will He Be Resurrected By A "Recess Appointment?"

As expected, Obama's left-wing nominee to the Labor Board, Craig Becker, went down in flames.

All Republicans and two Democrats (Nelson (Neb.) and Lincoln (Arkansas) supported the Republican-led filibuster.

But, it's not over yet.

Rumor is the President is less than happy about it and may do an end-around with what is called a "recess appointment."

What may that be?

Article II of the Constitution allows the President to appoint nominees to vacant federal positions when the Senate is in recess. The appointment is valid until the end of the next session of Congress (typically until around the end of the next calendar year). After that, the president would have to resubmit the nomination.

The Senate will begin its Presidents Day recess on February 12th (as in 3 days from now.)

By adding Becker as a recess appointee, the Labor Board would have three members and be able to decide matters that they cannot now decide with just two sitting members of the five person Board.

A lot rides on it . . .


Blogger John Gallagher said...

In light of recent losses on health care, the Massachusetts Senate race, two gubenatorial elections in New Jersey and my current home state of Virginia, ALL couple with the fact that his democrat constituents are not aligned, I believe this is political roulette that would take real arrogance and lack of listening skills for the President to implement...We shall see.

6:35 PM  

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