Thursday, January 07, 2010


Welcome to 2010 with hopes it is a great year for you and your company.

Some updates . . .

- You should have received the first Karger calendar in 8 years by now. If you haven't and you want one, please e-mail me at

- For those of you who have inquired as to how, when and where the calendar was made, go to You will find "The Making of the Calendar" there.

- I will be rolling my EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) blog into this blog in the next few weeks. EFCA is coming down to the wire now and I want all readers up to date on what will be the most important (and damaging) labor legislation in the last 50 years or more.

- A new focus this year will be executive and employee fitness. More here soon on that, and in the meantime check out

Have a great week and weekend and we'll see you next week . . .

- Jim


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