Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Tragedy and An Opportunity

Several clients are
pitching in and connecting with their employees in the
tsunami relief effort. Everything from matching
contributions to in-kind donations to time off to
volunteer, these employers should be proud of their

You do not have to be among the biggest
corporate givers like Pfizer, which is donating $10
million in cash and $25 million worth of drugs to relief
agencies, or The Coca-Cola Co., which is donating $10
million, or Exxon Mobil which is giving $5 million. Your
company can do something for the victims of this tragic
event and in the process credibly connect with your
employees, joining forces with them showing compassion
for those most in need. If you want ideas, please call.
There will be no fee charged for this service. If you
know what you want to do, do it and let us know what you
are doing.

We'll do a followup posting in the
next week or so with the specifics and the results from
many of our clients.


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