Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An "F" for Sensitivity

Organized labor has a new
website -- href="http://www.workingamerica.org/badboss/">http://www.workingamerica.org/badboss/
- where America's employees can nominate their boss for
"worst of the year." The stories are worth reading, not
only as classic examples of poor management, but to
educate us about the damage caused by supervisors who
share no credible connections with their

Here's a good example . .

Good kid

My dad had gotten
real sick when I was working for this one company. He
was not going to get better. My dad and I didn't always
get along and he was constantly in and out of my life.
My boss at the time knew this. Well, I had talked to my
boss about my dad's illness and told him that I wanted
to take half days so I could spend his last days with
him. He said that was okay. I left work early on Friday.
Went and spent the weekend with my dad. On Monday I
return to work and again wanting to take a half day, but
the dispatcher says that he is leaving early, so I
can't. Ok. My boss and I go to lunch and I tell him
about the weekend I had with my dad. Which was a real
good weekend. During lunch, he says to me, "If I were
you, I would cut my losses and get over it." I looked at
him and said, "He's my dad!" He said, "Well, you weren't
that close anyway right?" I said, "Well, that doesn't
mean I don't love him!" I pushed my plate out from in
front of me and walked out. I wasn't able to make it to
my dad. That night, he died. Yeah, I quit a month


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