Monday, September 28, 2015

Do You Know What Is Expected Of You At Work? Most Don't.

Via the Gallup Organization . . . 
Do you know what's expected of you at work? One of the most startling findings I've seen over the years is that only about half of employees strongly indicate that they do.
We recently reviewed data from 550 organizations and 2.2 million employees during their first companywide measurement of employee engagement. Even more surprising than the above finding is that the managers of these employees are equally unclear on what is expected of them. And while there is some variance across industries and job types, teams within organizations vary the most.
How is this possible, you might ask, in a business world of increased focus on job descriptions and competency models that outline the tasks and behaviors necessary for each role?
In our worldwide study of great managers, we've learned that clarity of expectations is more than a job description. Rather, it is a detailed understanding of how each person's role relates to the roles of his or her coworkers and the overall organization -- and how expectations change as circumstances change. What's more, clear expectations are central to fair and useful performance management.


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