Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bad Bosses Are The Primary Causes Of Turnover

Hlupic argues that the common business focus on processes, procedures and results ignored the human dimension of work and productivity. “We are, after all, social beings with the need for soft skills such as encouragement, appreciation and achievement. If a boss denies these fundamental needs – even if the financial rewards are great – most employees will be quick to look elsewhere.”

It’s not that employees don’t want to get along with their boss either. The survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) said getting along with their boss helped boost their motivation and a third said a good relationship with their boss was even more important than job satisfaction.

Unfortunately for those poor employees who lack a good relationship with their line manager or section head, bosses are unlikely to improve anytime soon. A 2014 report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development revealed that the quality of managers had not improved over the last decade.


Also see the book "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore," by Karger and Aldrine, 2004.  http://www.crediblyconnect.com/the-book.php


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