Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Short Summary Of Your Right To Free Speech

Short summary: You have no right to free speech, not anymore.

Free speech in today's America means speech of which your government approves. It is free speech in the spirit of the former Soviet Union.

In addition to the former Marine recently arrested and who remains locked up for expressing displeasure with the US government on his Facebook page, here is another in a long line of examples of rights being stripped wholesale:

In short, the TSA and Delta ganged up on a passenger and his wife who "looked foreign," and refused the naked body scanner and because they didn't like his t-shirt which, they said, "might make other passengers uncomfortable."

So, that is what they mean by "free speech." You can say whatever you want to say unless the government finds it politically unacceptable or finds it may make someone else uncomfortable.

So, their message to all of us is simple and straightforward:  "Shut up or tow the Party line.  Those are your choices.  That or arrest and detention."

I recommend the entire story at the link above as well as this story, one of my own involving inexcusable mistreatment by airline authorities in Houston recently:



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