Sunday, July 01, 2012

The NeoCon Dilemma: Against ObamaCare But For Medicare

America's neo-conservatives must be wringing their hands today . . . 

On the one hand, they are up in arms over the Supreme Court's decision finding ObamaCare constitutional pursuant to the government's power to steal, aka "tax." they have that right for reasons I have already identified in earlier blogs.

On the other hand, the older so-called "conservatives" are using their own version of ObamaCare (Medicare and Medicaid) without so much as an objection, and the Republican Romney has made it clear that while he will try and repeal ObamaCare (itself an irony since he invented it, he won't touch Medicare.

The argument used by those receiving Medicare?  "I paid for it."  

Problem with this argument?  It is both wrong and disingenuous.

The numbers look like this:  The Medicare tax is 2.9% of wages, 1.45% each for employer and employee. If the typical worker makes $30,000 a year for 35 years, then lifetime earnings are about $1 million. If we take the $40,000/year average, then that rises to around $1.4 million in lifetime earnings. The 2.9% Medicare tax thus totals about $30,000 to $40,000 in lifetime contributions for the average worker.

The average benefits extracted from the system run from $393,000 to $525,000 (due to the benefits extended to non-working spouses, benefits for never-married people may be somewhat lower). Average annual costs per beneficiary run as high as $18,000, though expenses typically rise significantly in the last year of life.

Medicare is welfare, plain and simple.  Few paid for the government largess they are now receiving. It is modernity's bread line of socialized medical care.

Like ObamaCare, Medicare is destined to hasten the bankruptcy of the United States.

Yet, not a peep from the neo-conservatives when it comes to Medicare.

Such is the problem . . . "Balance the budget, but don't take away any of MY entitlements."

Say goodnight, Gracie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent point Jim. Our slide into socialism began with FDR and Amerika really has not reversed course since that time. Occasionally the statist slide slows, but it's course is never corrected.

10:43 AM  
Blogger John Gallagher said...

Oh, Jim, I wish you would refrain from using logic in your thinking. The left spins it and the rest...ignore it. Who is going to have the courage to end this? It would have to be someone not worrying about being re-elected, but rather, doing the right thing.

9:16 PM  

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