Saturday, October 01, 2011

Best Reads Of The Week (9/29/2011)

Several excellent articles this week in the areas of the economy, the workplace and on privacy, all commended to your review.  Best for the weekend.  Jim


"US Drops to Fifth In Global Competitiveness"

"This Economic Collapse Is A Crisis Of Bigness"

"The Consumer Taps Out:  Savings Rate Falls"

"20 Reasons Millions of Young Americans Are Furious About the Economy"

"Poverty Affects 46 Million Americans"

"Shilling Sees Deflation, China's Hard Landing and 800 on the S&P"

"What Are We Spending Our Money On?"

"Americans Spending Smaller Share Of Income Paying Debt"


"Outsized Severance Continues For Executives Even In The Face of Failure"

"If Your Boss Is A Psychopath, Leave"

"CEO Survey Finds Less Confidence In Hiring"

"When Your Job Makes You Sick:  Employees Find Little Leverage In Today's Workplace"

"Cost of Family Health Coverage Doubled In Last Decade"

"Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher"

"It Is Man vs. Machine And Man Is Losing"

"Inside The Workplace:  A View From The Top And The Bottom"

"Plaintiff's Lawyers Full Employment Act:  Obama Proposes Prohibiting Discrimination Against the Jobless"

"Why Do Companies Hire"

"A Challenge For Unions In Public Opinion"

Privacy (Or Better Said The Lack Thereof)

Facebook:  "We Didn't Mean To Track You . . . But We Did"

"GM Is Watching You - The OnStar System"


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