Saturday, September 24, 2011

New CrediblyConnect Feature: "Best Reads Of The Week"

Each weekend I will be blogging my "best reads of the week," along with their links. Thanks to everyone who sends me salient, creative and critical articles. Many of them will appear here each week . . .


America's Debt Woe Worse Than Greece (And an out of the box way to fix it)

Every Age Group In America Is Getting Poorer, Except One

Student Default Rates Rise Sharply (Especially in For Profit Universities)

Forgive Student Loans?  Worst Idea Ever

US Housing Starts Fall 5% in August

Feds Discouraging Americans From Saving Money

Poverty In America:  A Special Report

US Poverty Rate Hits Record High In 2010

Median Male Worker Makes Less Now Than 43 Years Ago

Middle Class Death Watch:  As Poverty Spreads, 28% Fall Out Of Middle Class

Only Advanced Degree Holders See Wage Gains

Wealthiest 5% Take Most Of Gains

For US Workers, The Lost Decade of Opportunity

More Than One-Fifth of Mortgages Underwater

Doug Casey Answers The Hard Questions About Hard Times (Excellent Interview)


The Great Obama Catharsis

Is Romney Obama lite?

Another Judge Finds ObamaCare Unconstitutional

Government Inefficiencies and Corruption

Man Works One Day For Chicago - Receives $158,000 pension

Why A Patriotic American Became An Expatriate

Scientists On Trial For Failing to Predict Italian Earthquake (Overcriminalization taken to the extreme)


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