Saturday, August 27, 2011

NLRB Exceeding Its Mandate And Taking Away Your Rights Simultaneously

We, the Sheeple, have become so used to Big Government treading on and over our rights that something as seemingly insignificant has having to post still another notice in the workplace is getting little reaction.

And, that's too bad.

Regulation is incremental -- sort of like going from:

1. the parking lot to your airplane, then

2. from the parking lot to a metal detector to your airplane, then

3. from the parking lot to a x-ray device that strips your clothes and photographs your body.

I suggest that had we gone from the parking lot to a naked photo scanner there would have been some serious push back.

The same is true here.

I took the following from today's post by the National Right To Work Foundation that summarizes it as well as I have seen it done. I commend it to your review . . .

" . . . the NLRB has two chief functions.

"First, it administers union certification and decertification elections. Second, it adjudicates cases when workers, employers, or union officials file unfair labor practice charges against either unions or companies.

"But now the NLRB has invented out of whole cloth a new unfair labor practice without Congressional approval. No other federal agency has ever made it unlawful to fail to post a notice that wasn't required by Congress.

"Any job provider that fails to post the biased notice could find itself forced into a lengthy and costly legal battle.

"Mom and Pop can't afford that.

"What makes the new rule even more troubling is that anyone can file the unfair labor practice charge -- not just the company's employees.

"The new rule hands aggressive union organizers another weapon in so-called "corporate campaigns" in which they drag a business through the mud in the media with frivolous accusations of employer misconduct.

"Union bosses only back off after the business agrees to throw its employees under the bus and let the union launch an abusive "card check" organizing campaign.

"This "top-down" union organizing strategy frequently involves a team of union agents showing up at workers' homes and browbeating them with misleading statements, outright lies, and even intimidation until the worker agrees to sign a so-called "union authorization card" instead of a secret-ballot election.

"Meanwhile, experts believe the NLRB is scheming to impose card check "neutrality agreements" on businesses found to have committed labor law violations.

"Media reports in the Boeing case revealed that the NLRB's Acting General Counsel tried to force Boeing into a settlement to let union officials gain monopoly bargaining power over employees through card check.

"This latest power grab is yet more evidence of its desperate desire to pay off Big Labor before the next election, and it's an invitation to Big Labor to run card check campaigns everywhere in America.

"Moreover, the posting's pro-forced unionism bias couldn't be clearer.

"No mention of workers' right to decertify an unwanted union.

"No mention of workers' right to demand a secret-ballot election if aggressive union organizers try to strong-arm their way into a workplace.

"No mention of workers' right to divert forced union dues to a charity if they have a conscientious, religious objection to union membership.

"No mention of workers' right to refrain from financially supporting union-boss politics or, if they work in a Right to Work state, to opt out of paying any forced "fees."

"Federal labor law is supposedly intended to help workers protect their rights.

"The biased and ideologically-charged Obama Labor Board, however, has turned into an organizing tool for Big Labor.

"And it's all designed to give union bosses and unelected bureaucrats even more power over workers and job providers alike -- at a time when our economy continues to languish."

Advice: Call your Senators, Congressmen and join the National Right To Work Foundation. And, explain this Notice and the law in a balanced, accurate way to your employees before posting. Your right to free speech is also under attack but for now you can still state the facts, and your opinion.



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