Saturday, July 23, 2011

Open First Thing Monday Morning: Great News For Those Whose Jobs Suck!

So, let's begin with the obvious - your job sucks.

Oh yes it does! Don't go into denial on me now. You saw the title of this blog and you opened it -- for a reason. And that reason is you hate your job, or if you don't hate it, at least we can agree you would be doing something else with your time than working for the man, if you had a choice. Right?


The good news (which may seem like bad news until you finish this article) is that you are probably going to lose your job soon. Indeed, more employees will be laid off and fewer hired says the US Chamber of Commerce survey of small businesses earlier this month -- 64% of the executives surveyed reported no plans to add workers, while 12% had plans to cut jobs. And, you have almost no chance of hooking up with a big U.S. company unless you are willing to learn Mandarin and move to Shanghai. Didn't think so.

So, about now you are saying to yourself, "Where's the Jack Daniels?" Good question but before shooting your fear and loathing through the whiskey prism, consider this conclusion from a recent study of people just like you . . .

". . . perceived job insecurity ranks as one of the most important factors in employees' well-being and can be even more harmful than actual job loss with subsequent unemployment."

In other words, it is worse right now, worrying about losing the very job you despire, than when you are actually fired (which should be soon.)

Now, let's fast forward. Picture yourself fired. No more crappy job. No more power-freaks telling you what to do. No more alarm clock. No more making crap that ends up in landfills. No more crunching numbers you could care less about. But, alas, no more paycheck either, which is, of course, what you are really worried about.

What happens to your psyche after you have lost the crappy job you are so desperately trying to keep, the one that has sucked the last bit of life out of you?

Still more good news, Lunchbucket . . .

"American workers who are emotionally disconnected from their work and workplace -- known as 'actively disengaged' workers -- rate their lives more poorly than do those who are unemployed. Forty-two percent of actively disengaged workers are thriving in their lives, compared with 48% of the unemployed," so says another study.

Wow! Things are looking up for you if only because you can't get any further down. Today is the worst day you will ever have on this crappy job until they pull the trigger and send you into the street with your "box 'o crap."

So, relax. It is all down hill from here.



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