Monday, May 09, 2011

Millenials -- Did you get the memo?

What is wrong with this picture?

71 percent of millennials reported in the survey by DeVry University that "meaningful work" was now one of the three most important factors in determining their career success, only 11 percent of hiring managers surveyed said that they felt meaningful work was most important to millennials.

Indeed, 30 percent of these 21-31 year olds identify meaningful work as the single most important measure of a successful career.

Managers thought millennials were most concerned with money, followed by having a high level of responsibility. High pay is still important — ranked as most important by 27 percent surveyed. But a "sense of accomplishment" ranks nearly as high at 24 percent.

Hiring managers who tend to be older than the Millenials they are hiring are still singing out of the old hymn book -- good, steady work, competitive pay, and a career path.

The young aren't buying. They have seen their parents (or a friend's parents) lose their jobs. They are hip to "outsourcing" and they know the dirty little secret -- there is no job security. None. Nada. They understand they will hit the street on the first bad earnings report. It is OK. They can live with that fact as long as you give them what they really want.

"Job security" is a bad joke and telling it makes companies look like liars, or at least disingenuous.

What they want is to feel they are in some way making a positive difference based on the decisions they make in their jobs.

How to get that done? A topic for another blog. In the meantime, make sure your HR department the memo, this memo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe.  it seemed to me that the hiring process is an exchange of I.O.U's, the candidate promises to work hard, have a good attendance record, work all overtime, do a good job, etc., the company promises competitive wages, benefits, opportunity for advancement, good working conditions, etc., and then both don't live up to the promises.  Once the disappointment sets in, it descends into mediocrity in most cases.  If the article is correct, it would be a good development, if both sides can agree what "meaningful" work is. 

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think our generation just knows the right answers to survey questions. - A Millenial

5:08 PM  

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