Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Update from the Long Lost . . .

Yes, I know. I have been a poor correspondent for which I apologize. Here are a few updates, personal and professional . . .

- The San Miguel Leadership Institute (SMLI) continues to enjoy positive attention in the press. The Institute was recently written up by CNN Latin America. If you haven't seen the SMLI website, please turn your browser to

- Dave Riveness, co-founder of SMLI and author of The Secret Life of a Corporate Jester produces a monthly e-mail newsletter that contains thought-provoking material for managers and leaders - internal inquiries that help us see past our blind spots. I have asked him to send you the current issue of The Corporate Jester.

- While in St. Louis working last week, I had the opportunity to spend a little time with my daughters, Katy and Kandi. While riding in Kandi's car I couldn't help noticing three bags neatly stacked on the back seat floorboard. Curiosity led me to open one of them and in it I found an interesting collection of seemingly unrelated items -- a self-heating can of soup, chips, candy, toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, soap, can opener, bottled water, and a few other items that led me to ask her jokingly, "Are you planning on running away from home, hon?" She smiled and then told me the story behind the bags. "Dad, there are a lot of homeless people in St. Louis and I pass one or more nearly everyday on my way to work. It breaks my heart. These people have nothing. Many are suffering. I want to help but I don't want to give them money because I a fear some will use it buy drugs or otherwise waste it. So, I make up these bags and when I see someone who is down and out, I stop and give it to them." A great idea to be sure and one which we all might use since homelessness is, regrettably, everywhere.

- Sunday finds me headed to Belgium where I begin a corporate training tour that, between now and mid-December, will take me to Europe, Asia, and South America. I will be on e-mail and returning my calls. Let's stay in touch . . .


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