Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Big Weeks

This week is a big week.

My son, James, who I saw graduate from college last Saturday, and his girlfriend, Sarah, joined us today in San Miguel and will be with us for the next eight days. Jamie (only I can call him that) has been here many times but this trip I sense is special, or at least, different. Like each of our children who have graduated university, he will likely find work after this trip and I fear that this may be his last for a while. So, I want to make it special for him and the special girl in his life and so we shall.

Later in the week, Kelly and I will be hosting a Fortune magazine photographer at our new home here. She will be photographing Kelly's work (her passion) saving Mexican street dogs through our charity, Save A Mexican Mutt.

To remind me what it is all about (something I occasionally forget) Kelly sent me this video made by one of her friends in rescue. I recommend it highly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtyrwNcG-OI

Then turn your browser to check the SAMM website at: http://www.saveamexicanmutt.org. There are some real opportunities for a big week there!

Yes, this week is a big week.

Last week was big, too. I got to spend time with old friends (who started as clients but became more) in California. That trip brought back fond memories.

Big weeks, two in a row.

Now that I think about it, I guess they all are big weeks, or can be. That is the choice each of us makes every week.

Here's wishing a big week for you.


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