Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Going to the Dogs - Lawyer Trades Practice for Consulting and Canines"

I thought you might be interested in this article from "The Texas Lawyer" which was reprinted in "The New York Lawyer" earlier this month. I value and appreciate the story but mostly I value the opportunity to help Kelly pursue her passion as she has for so many years done the same for me. (If the link below does not take you to the article, please copy and paste the link into your browser.)

As we embrace this week and those around us, we guys can (at least in part) thank the human-animal bond for what nurturing ability we have. From this month's Men's Health magazine, the following:

In a 2003 paper in the journal American Behavioral Scientist, Alan Beck, Sc.D., director of Purdue's center of the human-animal bond, and Aaron H. Katcher, M.D., a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania, point out that cultures like ours have very few forms of play that mold caring and nurturing behaviors in male children. "Boy children," says Beck, "tend to be very self-conscious about having to take care of younger brothers and sisters. They don't play tea party or dollhouse, because that's Mommy stuff. However, taking care of an animal is a notable exception. Caring for your dog is always okay."

This license to love persists into adulthood. In virtually every public setting, women are, by and large, much more demonstrably touchy-feely than guys are. With dogs, however, this gender difference vanishes. "Men are just as likely as women to pet and stroke their dogs, hold them in their laps, kiss them, and so on," says Beck. "It doesn't matter whether they're male or female dogs, either: Men can hug them without inhibition, without feeling any less manly. It's one of the very few areas in life where men feel truly comfortable as nurturers."

Don't miss the entire article which can be found at:

P.S. A recent study notes that 97% of people admit talking to their dog. 3% lie about it.

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