Saturday, January 29, 2005

Have Dogs, Will Travel

As most of our readers
know, my wife, Kelly, saves dogs from the streets of
Mexico, feeds them, heals them up, socializes them,
spays or neuters, gives them their shots along with
plenty of love and compassion and then transports them
to their "forever homes."

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It is a good plan and works most of the
time until we get to the part that requires someone to
step forward with a "forever home." Right now Kelly's
organization, S.A.M.M. (Save a Mexican Mutt) has 10 dogs
and puppies in foster care, mostly right here at our
home. In fact, I can see a stream of them following her
across the yard now.

I mention this because we
are making a run to the border February 8 with 3 dogs
who have been lucky enough to find those who will follow
in Kelly's footsteps, knowing that while dogs don't make
their lives, they do make their lives better.

problem is that we have room in our van for 10 dogs
which leaves 7 who will watch from the sidelines as we
drive away with their foster siblings knowing that they
once again are not among the chosen.

Between now
and then, if you or someone you know wants a companion,
a loving friend who will never foresake or betray,
please take a look at S.A.M.M.'s website (click on
"Adoptable Pet List")


you will find the pictures and stories of those who want
to make the trip, too.


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