Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fortune Magazine Names Wegman's As Nation's Best Employer

Fortune Magazine has
named the Top 100 companies to work for in America.
Topping the list is food retailer, Wegman's, with over
30,000 employees and 67 stores in New York,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. Notably, the
89-year-old Rochester-based Wegmans is a grocer that
defies conventional wisdom. This year's best company to
work for in America has an unusual motto:

"Employees first, customers second."

Wegman's logic: When employees are happy, the
customers will be, too.

In addition to
profit-sharing, fully funded medical care, and hourly
wages and salaries at the high end of the market, the
food retailer has credibly connected with employees and
their families by funding more than $54 million for
college scholarships to more than 17,500 full-and
part-time employees over the past 20 years.

store has a hefty produce section and bakery, and each
of the newer Wegmans stores also boasts a bookstore, dry
cleaner, video rentals, photo lab, florist, child play
center, wine shop, and pharmacy -- each with a view to
connect to community.

Wegman's, along with the
three other grocers on Fortune's Top 100 list, have
found a way to keep customers coming back by keeping
employees happy and in place.

What are you doing
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