Monday, December 01, 2014

Updated: San Francisco and Seattle Go Head To Head For Most Unfriendly To Employers City

Updated to include links . . . (See below)

San Francisco is in head to head competition with Seattle to see which city can become a monument to socialism, to become the most employer-unfriendly city in the United States. (See link below). Both will reap what they sew when the next recession hits and more employers in both cities pull up stakes and leave. It will serve those local governments right. Unfortunately, by increasing the minimum wage and piling regulation upon regulation they are creating a permanent underclass, many of whom will never be employed simply because it becomes too expensive.

With 100 million Americans at least using one welfare program, 50% of American workers earning less than $28,000 dollars a year, and total U.S. household debt at $11.7 trillion dollars, such legislative attempts portend more of the same until it collapses.

Article on San Francisco's Bill Of Rights:

Video on the state of the American employee:


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