Sunday, February 17, 2013

Joe Lunchbucket's Day

"Work sucks!"

And so began "Why Work Isn't Working Anymore," and as true to today as it was when Fritz Aldrine and I published that book in 2004. The number of employees happy and satisfied with their jobs continues to auger into workplace abyss. There are many reasons - absence of meaningful work, unfulfilling workplace relationships, and for most, nomdiscernable way of ever making their work pay off, as in not having to work anymore. For many, it is difficult to find a reason to go to work on an after-tax basis if there is another alternative that will buy a table and put food on it . . .

"Joe wakes up for work. He shuts off the alarm on his phone which was taxed when he bought it, and taxed every month. He throws off his sheets, which were taxed, and rolls out of bed. His bed was also taxed.

He lives in an apartment for which he also pays property tax indirectly because his landlord's taxes are built into Joe's rent. He rushes out the door after quickly showering and brushing his teeth, all accomplished with things which are taxed at purchase, and with hot water which is also taxed.

Joe frowns when he walks out to the street and finds a parking ticket on his car, another tax. He has no where else to park. He drives to work in a car which was taxed when he bought it, and he's taxed when he renews his license to drive it, renews the registration, pays his car insurance every month, and pays taxes to the state and the federal government when he buys gas. On his way, Joe grabs a coffee and a sandwich at a local shop, which is taxed.

As Joe sits down at his desk, his boss calls him in for a chat. Joe's boss informs him that he's being laid off because Joe's (ex)employer can no longer keep so many full time employees because of new health care taxes. On his way out, Joe grabs his check, which is taxed for retirement, unemployment, health care, and income.

On his way home, Joe stops at the local grocery store to stock up with his last paycheck. He realizes all of the prices are higher than last month, taxed via inflation.

Joe is every American, and each of us have varied yet similar stories. Think of your average day, from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep, and think of all the ways in which you're paying for government; local, state, and federal.

Then, just think of how much more comfortably you would be living if even half of that money could be retained by you, your family, and your friends.

And finally, realize what that money is. From a penny to a one hundred dollar bill, each second, minute, and hour working is represented. This is time spent away from those things you enjoy to do, and time spent away from your loved ones. It is not your income being taken. It is your life."

Via "If Libertarians Are Crazy, I Don't Want To Be Sane"


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We have total madness in the usa! The end is near.

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