Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Unemployment Numbers: Government Spins Chickens_hit Into Chicken Salad

I am in Puerto Vallarta this week for Save A Mexica Mutt,

But I took the time yesterday to review the unemployment numbers that resulted in all the glad-handing in Washington and all of the government news channels (CNBC), the combination resulting in me shorting the market hard near the open and in finding this excellent parsing of the unemployment picture which was better than my own. Read 'em and weep and know this as a matter of certainty -- when the government gets this animated about anything, they are lying.

Here is a sad, but classic, example:

Review the four charts in that article and ask yourself, "For whose benefit was it to spin the unemployment numbers from the chickenshit they are into the chicken salad they want us to believe they are?"

Therein lies the answer to the lies.



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